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Cost of Services

As a general guide, professional fees for services and courses are as follows:

Staff Cost:

$1200 per day plus expenses (travel - airfare and car rental - lodging, and meals). We are trying to keep costs at affordable levels, but we must cover overhead, staff travel time, expense to remote locations and additional taxes. More affordable rates can be negotiated when multiple days are purchased in the same area. It is a good idea to work with contacts in neighboring communities to schedule a series of events to reduce costs.

Charrettes and some training courses require more than one staff member, and the above cost schedule applies.Staff cost rates are negotiable, based on concurrent engagements, travel, ease or difficulty to reach your location and other factors. If state taxes apply to out-of-state consultants, please add an additional $100 per day.

Deposit: In order to confirm booking your date(s), a deposit of $500 is requested.

Deposits can only be returned, if you cancel 60 days in advance. Rescheduling of dates is possible without forfeit as long as Walkable Communities staff are able to fill your vacated date(s). Make checks payable to: Walkable Communities, Inc. and send to the address listed below.

What you receive:

(1) You will be provided with camera-ready masters for all training manuals and visual aids. These items will be shipped in time for you to receive them 30 days before your event. Make as many copies as you wish. Please return the master copies.

(2) We will provide you with camera ready or electronic files of brochures to help you market your workshops, presentations or courses. The example brochures in this packet can be easily amended with your specific informational needs.

(3) Copies of slides or videos shot in your community, if any, can be provided to you.

(4) Course evaluations or final reports with recommendations made as a result of walkability audits will be provided.


Advance estimates for travel and per diem costs can be provided. Invoices will be mailed upon completion of work for the total amount mentioned in the letter of agreement less any advance deposits made. Payments are requested within 30 days of training or completed work. Make all payments to Walkable Communities, Inc. and send to 320 South Main Street, High Springs, FL  32643.


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