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Walkable Communities, Inc. has a new service. Many people have asked for photo and graphics assistance for publications, training and other visual and design needs. Our new service gives you access to the best of the photos and graphics Dan Burden uses in his popular training courses.

If you need help bringing alive a great brochure, report, proposal, or simply need to show a local council or commission the possibilities and that your design has already been built elsewhere, we can help. Our topics cover traditional transportation, alternative transportation, quality of life, community development, main street development, urban infill, new urbanism and related issues, we now stock an abundance of graphic aids. You can download from our web page up to 20 images free.

How to order. Use the form below and fax in your order today (407-839-1789). We are sorry, but we are unable to accept payment by MasterCard or Visa.

Streets and Sidewalks, People and Cars: The Citizens’ Guide to Traffic Calming is written specifically for residents who want to create safer neighborhood streets. This hands-on guide gives citizens the tools they need to evaluate and improve the safety of their neighborhood residential and commercial streets.  Prepared by Walkable Communities Director Dan Burden and just published by the Local Government Commission’s Center for Livable Communities, the easy-to-read, 52-page guide also details the collaborative public process through which citizens can enlist the help of fellow community members and local government officials to diagnose problems and identify and prioritize workable solutions.  The Citizens’ Guide to Traffic Calming includes:

  • A comprehensive toolkit with practical profiles of over 20 different traffic calming measures.
  • Forms to audit street safety and traffic speeds/volumes.
  • Steps to implement traffic calming measures.
  • Helpful photographs and diagrams.
    Price: $10

Street Design Guidelines for Healthy Neighborhoods -- This 52 page guidebook will help communities implement designs for streets that are safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing for both people and cars.  It features helpful guidelines that specify street widths and implementation strategies developed by a team of experts including a traffic engineer, a transportation planner, an architect, an attorney and a community activist.  Also available through the Local Government Commission's Center for Livable Communities. Price:$25

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Street Design Guidelines for Healthy Neighborhoods Publication: $25   
Streets and Sidewalks, People and Cars: The Citizens’ Guide to Traffic Calming Publication: $10   

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