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The Sierra Club has an extensive list of wonderful links.
Active Living by Design has a very comprehensive list of links.

Other links that might be helpful are:

Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Inc.: Community Planning and Design

Active Living by Design
Alternate Street Design
America Walks
Colorado Walks
Congress for the New Urbanism
David Engwicht - Reclaiming the Streets
Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program
Florida Department of Transportation - Ped/Bike Program
Guidance Pathway Systems
Illinois' Pedestrian Rules of the Road
International Dark Skies Association
Livable Streets, Inc. (Transportation Planning and Engineering)
Michael Ronkin - National Bicycle & Pedestrian Expert
Michigan Land USe Institute
National Charrette Institute
Pedestrians Educating Driver's Society
Project for Public Spaces
Promotional Materials Clearinghouse
Sprawl Kills
Washington State DOT
Walk San Diego
Walk Boston
Walking Club in Ireland

If you have any other links that you feel should be added, please email us!


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