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Q: Do you work in rural areas?
A: Yes, as rural as they come.
We did a rural streets guidebook for Scottsville, Virginia, and surrounding small communities ... where the author, known as John Boy (of "The Waltons" fame), grew up and still lives.

I just finished two projects in rural areas last month. The first was in the historic town of Waterford, Virginia, where we did a traffic calming and undergrounding of utilities planning project .... 90 people live there. The project is likely to cost about $12 million and will probably go forward because of the priceless historic nature of the small community.

Another recent project, was in Sylva, North Carolina, where 3,000 people live. The state DOT wanted to build a quarter billion dollar bypass. The community hired us to find a more rural and environmentally sensitive alternative to address their growth needs. It is our 14th project in Western North Carolina.

Some of the smaller towns where we have worked in California include: Bridgeport, Mammoth Lakes, Cotati, Willits, Marina (completed the bike/ped master plan), Gridley, Sebastopol, Cutler and Orosi, Watsonville (and perhaps 12 more of this approximate size and scale). Rural communities or small towns in other places nationwide include: Fair Hope, Alabama; Fruitland, Colorado; Wakulla, Florida; Stevensville, Ronan and Big Fork, Montana; Alma, Michigan; Black Mountain, North Carolina; West Ossipee, New Hampshire; Newark, Ohio; Colville, Washington; and Whitehorse, Yukon, CANADA to mention just a few.


Q: What is your favorite Walkable Community?
A: In North America it is Victoria, British Columbia. It is the one good great place. Since we cannot all live there … It is better that I list many places, and show a range of quality and completeness. At the risk of leaving out towns that I have not visited, taken a liking to, yet have forgot to include in the short moment I had to prepare this piece, I provide a partial list of good places to live that are Walkable Communities. Many of these places are not affordable, many are.


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