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Visual Preference Survey Photos



Toys 'R Us in Santa Monica, California near the Third Street Promenade.   An example of a new building built by a big box retailer meeting the design criteria for a modern downtown.


Office Depot took over this older bank building in downtown Miami, Florida.


Before - Grandview Avenue in University Place, Washington - This rural section produced 44 mph 85th percentile speeds.


After - Grandview Avenue in University Place, Washington - After construction speeds lowered to 32 mph.  This urban section was built with sidewalks, bike lanes, medians, street lamps, trees, pedestrian crossings and more.  $1.3M for a 1.1 mile section.


Miami, Florida - The old historic art deco building facades were preserved.  A parking structure was built behind to accommodate the popularity of the pedestrian friendly South Beach environment.


San Luis Obispo, California - Parking Garage and Intermodal Center - This garage fits nicely in the center of San Luis Obispo, and is a missed opportunity to be a true intermodal center.


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